Technical Support

The Production Process of Circuit Board

Put spare parts into the right position
( electronic components of small parts & big parts )

  • Horizontal interpolation machine

    This machine is put resistance component and diode into the board

  • Vertical interpolation machine

    This machine is put capacitor ,varistor and electrolysis into the board

  • Manual insert the relay, capacitor,indicator light and tuch-button into the board

Over-heat welding (reinforce the parts)

Put the reed switch into the another face of circult board

Test the welding situation of circuit board

  • Put the circuit board in machine ,then the welding condition of each site will be displayed on the screen.

  • Like this position:

    A red box appeared , which means this position is not well welded. then it will be picked out into the separate basket to remake .

Test the big parts of circuit board,which put by manual insertion

  • Testing

  • Green means good quality

  • Red means having some problem and need to be repaired

Pick up the different pressure

  • Put the circuit board into the switch,then pick up the different pressure through the machine.  like 1.2bar /1.5bar / 2.2bar ( worker noted the pressure and put on the box)

  • Starting pressure : 1.2bar

  • Starting pressure : 1.5bar

  • Classified storage