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Monro EPC (Electric Pump Controller) series, is a whole electronic intelligent water pump control device. It adopts dual-control of flow and pressure, starts and stops of the pump according to the detected data of water source state, pipeline water consumption and pipeline pressure change. It can completely replace the traditional system composed of pressure tank, pressure switch, water shortage protection device, check valve, four-way, etc. And it is more safer than traditional system due to its complete isolation of electronic from pipe and highly hermetic control box. The integrated design saves time and money when installing.

  • EPC-1 Italian Design G1 Size Automatic For Clean Water Pump, Centrifugal Pump Electric Pump Control

    Monro EPC-1 model pump controller is the classic and basic type, was loved by user in the ...

  • EPC-1.1 Water Pump Controller Automatic Pressure Switch With Euro Socket & Plug

    Monro EPC-1.1 model pump controller is the related model with EPC-1 model, which added the...

  • EPC-1A  Electronic Pump Controller With Smart Program Reset Pump Automatically

    Monro EPC-1A pressure controller is the model EPC-1 with Smart program, all others are the...

  • EPC-2 110/220V Adjustable Starting Pressure With Large Flow Automatic Pump Pressure Controller

    Monro EPC-2 automatic pump controller, a device is pre-set with 25mm BSP male threads on t...

  • EPC-2.1 Electric Control  Shortage Protection With Junction Box Easy Operation Water Pump Pressure Switch

    Monro EPC-2.1 auto pressure control is the related model with EPC-2 model, which added the...

  • EPC-3 90 Degree Inlet-Outlet Automatic  Water Pump Pressure Control Max Working 145PSI Electric Pressure Switch

    Monro EPC-3 spain design auto on and off press control, an intelligent and economical syst...

  • EPC-3P Pressure Gauge Build-in Pump Switch Protect Pump from Damage Caused by Dry-Running Intelligent Water Pressure Control

    Monro EPC-3P similar structure with EPC-3, but adjustable starting pressure type from 1.5b...

  • EPC-5 Horizontal Installation Water Booster Pump Pressure Switch Automatic Pump Control

    Monro EPC-5 model automatic pump control, a device which assembled on the water pump (reco...

  • EPC-5.1 IP65 Electronic Automatic Water Pump Controller 1.5HP With Euro Socket & Plug

    Monro EPC-5.1 model pump controller is the related model with EPC-5 model, which added the...

  • EPC-7 2.2kW 1.25/1.5inch Smart Protection Auto Restart Pump Under Water Shortage Water Pump Controller Pressure Switch

    Monro EPC-7 model pressure control is a big power device for automatic control and protect...

  • EPC-9 Adjustable Starting Pressure Controller House Water Sytem Auto On/Off Switch With Pressure Gauge Automatic Pump Control

    Monro EPC-9 model pressure controller, is a big power device for automatic control and pro...

  • EPC-10 LCD screen 1.5kw 2HP power mechanical structure Female G1/4 smart pressure switch and controller with pressure adjustment 0.5bar - 6.9bar

    The EPC-10 water pump pressure switch, a brand new design and appearance for mechanical pr...