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Application of pump automatic control system in energy saving and emission reduction of mines

Application of Pump Automatic Control System in Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Mines

At present, the country pays more attention to the safe production of coal mine units.Pipe fitting mould For coal production units, not only does it require good safety and reliability for mine pump control system automation, but also it requires a good energy-saving and emission-reducing effect. In the following, the author mainly analyzes how to realize the energy saving and emission reduction of large-scale mine equipment in the production of Yinying Coal Mine, and briefly discusses the related aspects of the use of graded reservoir water level difference, the use of PLC technology programming, and embedded peak-reduction and valley-filling.

1 Project Introduction

In 2009, the Yinying Coal Mine initiated the demonstration work on the drainage system automation control project. In order to achieve a good control of the pump and the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, Yinying Coal Mine actively cooperated with a number of research units and conducted joint research. A stable and effective remote control solution to complete the automation control system. The research shows that the use of industrial standard controller-PLC to collect and analyze the on-site signal will accurately control the pump, and through classifying reservoir linkage and avoiding peaks and valleys, it can also save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

At the time of project demonstration, there have been many cases of mine water treatment or water upgrading in the country. However, many cases have focused on the improvement of mine water. There are still many issues that need to be addressed:

(1) The storage and discharge of underground sewage are inconsistent;

(2) The ground sewage treatment is inconsistent with the use of fresh water;

(3) It is necessary to transform the surface and downhole pump lifting system, reduce labor input, and streamline personnel;

(4) There is still much room for improvement in the degree of automatic monitoring and monitoring, and the security and stability of the interlock control between systems need to be improved;

(5) The energy saving and emission reduction technologies are not advanced enough;

(6) The impact of the launch of a high-powered water pump on the power grid has not received sufficient attention. The mine water treatment management system is flawed and it is necessary to guarantee the integrated mine water treatment system.

The above-mentioned problems were all related to the lack of understanding of the water treatment system after the analysis of related business technicians in Yingying Coal Mine. In response to these problems, through a number of actual investigations and researches, Household appliances mould the engineering technicians of Yinying Coal Mine proposed a new type of processing system. Starting from the actual conditions, the system considers the capacity of each pumping house node and the status of the electrical circuit to allow the control of downhole hydraulic valves. The system, surface water treatment control system and the mine automation network are used to conduct an organic linkage monitoring platform to allow the system to implement the monitoring and monitoring model - mine water integration. The platform is set up in electromechanical dispatching, and there are specialized personnel to control it, which can completely eliminate some of the listed above hidden dangers.