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Float switch principle - introduction

Float Switch Principle - Introduction

Float switch is a kind of liquid level control part with simple structure and easy to use. It has complex circuit and will not be disturbed. As long as the material is selected correctly, any liquid, pressure and temperature can be used. water level switch The float switch is adapted to control the pump operation to maintain the liquid level; automatic control tank loading and unloading; control of liquid level or supply signal, such as fuel tank, automatic cleaning system, hydraulic tank, low pressure boiler, sewage treatment system.

1. Float Switch Principle - Features

Float switches mainly have the following characteristics:

1) Multiple points can be controlled, and the position of the control switch can be customized as the user needs.

2) The use of magnetic reed switch does not require power supply, and the contact life can reach 2 million times.

3) All switch outlets are in the same junction box, and the external construction wiring cost is low.

4) Compared to other switch control points and other types of liquid level switches, the unit price of the RF type is the lower.

5) Reed switches and wires are completely isolated from liquids, so they can be safely used in high-temperature, high-voltage equipment.

2. Float switch principle

Float switch is usually set in the sealed non-magnetic metal or plastic tube according to the need to set up one or more reed switch, and then the hollow but inside the ring-shaped magnet float ball fixed in the rod reed switch position, so that The floating ball floats up and down within a certain range. The magnet in the float ball is used to attract the reed switch and generate a switch action, so that the float switch functions to control and sense the level of the water level.

3. Float switch principle - application

The application of float switch is very extensive, and can be applied to various industrial equipment, household appliances and other oil and water machines. The stainless steel float level switch is specially used for liquid level detection, signal remote transmission,automatic pump control and switch alarm in various small and medium pressure and pressure liquid storage tanks. It can be applied to various hygienic, environmental protection, toxic, and acid-alkali corrosion. Strong liquid medium use.

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